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NALCP hosts an annual conference that features guest speakers from the licensing and compliance industry, including liquor licensing legal professionals, attorneys, consultants, service providers, governmental representatives and State and National restaurant association spokespersons.

Conference attendance is open to all Members, Associate Members and NALCP's invited guests.  If you are not currently a Member or Associate Member and/or represent a regulatory agency involved alcohol beverage licensing and are interested in additional information, please contact us at [email protected] for further details. If you are a Member or Associate Member and looking for registration details, please CLICK HERE.  Your membership must be active to access additional conference pages.  

We reach full capacity almost every year, so stay tuned for registration dates and details.  

 Planning ahead? Mark your calendars for future Conferences (October is our Conference Month)

15th Annual Conference              VIRTUAL CONFERENCE:  OCTOBER 29, 2020 (Remember THAT year ?!)

16th Annual Conference                Louisville 2021

17th Annual Conference                Portland 2022  (September will be our conference month this year)

18th Annual Conference                Pittsburgh 2023